Monday, December 27, 2010

Bout time!

This is for the three people out there in blog land that still care!
Ok, so a lot has happened since the beginning of may:
Craig and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary, I love him!
We went camping with my family in Oklahoma and explored where my grandpa grew up.

Craig had a birthday
Annabelle turned 3! My baby is getting so big!

We found out we are expecting #3!

Still shock about the news from July!

Gretta turns 1 and starts walking!
We go to New York and Vermont to visit Craigs family

We go up to Dallas to visit my family and got to the BYU @ TCU game, even though we lost it was fun to hang out with the hubbs and some friends.

My older sister and her family came down for thanksgiving and brought one of my little sisters with them, and a friend flew in for the festivities as well.

Mostly getting ready for Christmas.

Somewhere in there we found out we are having another girl. It's about 89% positive, so Craig is still holing out that its actually a boy! But we'll see! We are both excited though. I'm due mid february, hopefully she'll decide to come a little early for me! It has been interesting chasing my two girls around while growing another one, but we've been doing pretty good! They are excited about having a new sister to play with.

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